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Table spread is tasty, healthy and the best choice concerning the nutritional value in this era. Table spread is used to enhance the taste of various recipes around the world. Available in many different forms, Table spread is used for preparing piecrusts, casseroles, desserts and a variety of cakes. A healthier choice, Table spread is enjoyed with English muffins, toasts and even hot biscuits. People add melted Table spread to cooked green vegetables, baked potatoes and even fresh popcorns. Health practitioners across the globe recommend Fat spread for a healthy heart

In order to cater the people's love for Table Spread, Siddhi Margarine specialities ltd. was initiated in the year 2004. Since then, the company has been making a difference in the way people enjoy Table spread.

Engaged in the production of table spread, Siddhi has been meeting both domestic and global requirements for high quality Table Spread. Siddhi follows the European Union Standards for the production of table margarine. The high end manufacturing facilities use latest techniques and state of the art technology to produce Table spread, which has become a healthy way of life.